[rə'li:s] 1. verb
1) (to set free; to allow to leave: He was released from prison yesterday; I am willing to release him from his promise to me.) odpustiti
2) (to stop holding etc; to allow to move, fall etc: He released (his hold on) the rope.) izpustiti
3) (to move (a catch, brake etc) which prevents something else from moving, operating etc: He released the handbrake and drove off.) popustiti
4) (to allow (news etc) to be made known publicly: The list of winners has just been released.) razglasiti
5) (to offer (a film, record etc) to the general public: Their latest record will be released next week.) objaviti
2. noun
1) (the act of releasing or being released: After his release, the prisoner returned to his home town; the release of a new film; (also adjective) the release catch.) izpustitev; izid
2) (something that is released: This record is their latest release; The Government issued a press release (= a statement giving information about something, sent or given to newspapers, reporters etc).) objava
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I [rilí:s]
osvoboditev, izpustitev na svobodo (from iz), (od)rešitev (from od česa), razbremenitev, olajšanje, oprostitev, spregled; juridically razrešitev dolžnosti, odstop; prenos pravice (premoženja) na drugega, odstop(itev); odreka (pravicam); dokument (o odstopu); potrdilo pobotnica; odobritev filma za predvajanje; technical mehanizem za sprožitev ali ustavitev, izklop stroja
release from a debt (mortgage) — oprostitev (brisanje) dolga (hipoteke)
happy release figuratively smrt
it was to me a great release — to mi je bilo v veliko olajšanje
II [rilí:s]
transitive verb
osvoboditi (from iz, od), rešiti, odvezati (obveznosti), izvleči (from iz); dati prostost, izpustiti (from iz); juridically odpustiti, spregledati, zbrisati (dolg), prenesti (na koga), odreči se, odstopiti komu (posest, pravico itd.); prinesti na trg (tržišče); dovoliti javno predvajanje (a film filma); technical sprožiti, izklopiti
to release an article for publication — dovoliti objavo članka
to release bombs — spustiti, odvreči bombe
to release from an obligation — oprostiti obveznosti
to release a mortgage — izbrisati hipoteko
to release a prisoner — izpustiti ujetnika
to release a right — odreči se pravici
to release s.o. from his word — odvezati koga njegove besede

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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